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      Recycled polyester fabrics

          Such a Nice Life uses high-quality, soft fabrics made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The process of recycling bottles uses less water and energy than their original production. PET reprocessing is associated with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the production of conventional polyester.
          Fabric created from recycled PET bottles does not differ from standard fabric in any way. It retains its properties and pleasant delicate structure, it also behaves like natural material, durable and easy to clean.
          The fabric has a Global Recycled Standard certificate.
          Recycled polyester fiber filling
          All Such a Nice Life mattresses are filled with the polyester ball that is made of high-quality regenerated fiber, coated with a layer of silicone. The advantage of the product is its production of 100% recycled materials and the highest elasticity and resistance to deformation, so the mattress is very comfortable and can keep its shape for many years.
          (any certificate? - check!)
          Cork filling
          All side elements of Such a Nice Life dog beds are filled with cork that is completely natural, light and hydrophobic - does not accumulate mites, does not absorb water and other liquids. It naturally prevents rotting, thus preventing the spread of bacteria and mold. It is odorless, flexible, does not heat up and does not collect electrostatic charges - it is very durable and does not age.



            All Such a Nice Life dog bowls are entirely handmade, from the very beginning when the clay is being mixed and poured into the forms, thorough the painting process, till the last stage when the products are glazed and put into the oven. The very high temperature of firing guarantees durability and quality. All paints and glazes used are environmentally friendly. The patterns are made by hand with a traditional stamping technique.