Portugal on 2 wheels - You have been thinking about a trip to Portugal for a while… Maybe you came across a cheap flight deal or maybe it was our recent post Reasons to love Portugal that pushed you to finally say “YES” and make a first step towards it. That is great, congrats! But now comes the more difficult part: […]
Reasons to love Portugal - Portugal has much more to offer than only the sun, although the fantastic climate with 300 days of the sunshine per year speaks for itself. So what else is making this country such an unforgettable holiday destination?         1. Food Portugal is a country of the rich cuisine that is delicious and […]
Our Beijing experience in a nutshell - Beijing is a super busy capital of the world’s most populous nation and a home to some of the most iconic tourist attractions. It’s a place where the borders between East and West, new and old, traditional and contemporary blur. Visiting this city is an experience you’re either going to love or hate. The hustle and […]
How to travel long term and don’t get crazy - Travelling is an amazing adventure. Everyone, who steps out of their comfort zone and decides to leave everything behind and go travelling, is greeted with a sense of freedom impossible to understand when sitting behind a desk back in the ‘real life’. But living on the road for the extended periods of time can become exhausting. […]
Datong in one day - Our introduction to China ‘Isto para mim é chinês’ (PT) or ‘To dla mnie chińszczyzna’ (PL): The equivalent of this phrase in quite a few languages compares incomprehensible things to an unknown language, particularly Chinese. That pretty much describes our stay in China, especially the first few hours. It is incredible how different the neighboring countries can be […]
From Central Mongolia to Gobi Desert - Mongolia is not only about vast steppe. It is home to a few volcanoes (though not active ones), many lakes and the fifth-largest desert in the world and Asia’s largest – Gobi Desert. After 3 days on the horseback we moved our sore butts to the car and together with our man Ganbatar we went […]
Central Mongolia experience on the horseback - The trip to Central Mongolia started in the crowded bus to Kharkhorin. Apart from handful of foreigners, it was occupied by Mongolians traveling with lots of stuff so that we had to squeeze our backpacks under the seats. Only the chickens were missing there. After a few hours of driving accompanied by Mongolian music hits, […]
Mongolia – A hard nut to crack - Mongolia can be a hard nut to crack for DIY travelers. We realized it very next day. Clearly the beauty of the country is in remote areas. The infrastructure is very poor, there are only a few paved roads and so there are only a few bus routes in the country connecting UB with the […]
First ‘bite’ of Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar - It was a long day. After crossing the border with Mongolia in Altanbulag, we grabbed the cab for some spare rubles to Sükhbaatar, 25 km away from where after 5 hours we took the bus to Ulaanbaatar (commonly known as UB). The bus was full, some people were sitting even on the small plastic chairs […]
Goodbye Lenin - After catching some rain and snow (!) on the way back from Baikal we returned to Irkutsk for one day. It was enough time to buy the next day train ticket and have an evening walk in the city. The architecture of the city is definitely nice. There is lots of traditional Siberian style wooden […]